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Little Stompers 

Are you an educator? Here you will find lesson plans and outlines for our Little Stompers program. We offer three variations to fit your unique needs. Click the photo to view lesson plans. 


Little Stompers Lesson Plans

Little Lesson Plans: a comprehensive educational resource for teachers and students, featuring interactive videos, worksheets, and activities designed to foster a love and appreciation for music in children. Whether you are a teacher looking for engaging ways to incorporate music into your curriculum, or a parent looking for educational activities to do with your child at home, Little Stompers Lesson Plans have something for everyone.

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Little Stompers After School 

After school programs are the cornerstone of many communities. Here at Second Line, we are dedicated to providing an after school program that is fun, educational, and exciting for students. 

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Little Stompers Concert Series 

Our Little Stompers concert series is an interactive multi concert experience curated for young audiences. During our 45 min interactive concerts, you can expect students to dance and sing their way to learning about the culture and music of New Orleans and beyond. 

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