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How Second Line Arts Collective sponsorship works

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Sponsoring a music education program is a meaningful endeavor, and we aim to make the process as seamless as possible. Here are the steps you can anticipate:

You make a donation

Join Our Monthly Giving Circle: Your journey with Second Line Arts Collective begins with a commitment to change. A monthly donation of $10 lays the foundation for lasting impact, ensuring that music education remains vibrant and accessible for all. Monthly donors are the backbone of our community, offering steady support that allows our programs to flourish and expand.

Why Monthly Giving? Regular contributions provide us with a predictable budget, empowering us to plan effectively and extend our reach. Your commitment helps us cultivate a rich musical environment for our students, fostering growth, creativity, and opportunity.

Pairing you with a program.

Direct Impact: Your donation is more than a gift; it's a personal investment in nurturing the potential of young learners through music. Our dedicated team matches your contribution with the program that benefits most, whether it's introducing the wonders of music to toddlers through Little Stompers or guiding the professional development of teens and young adults in the Sanaa Music Workshop.

A Perfect Match: We ensure your generosity supports the area of greatest need, providing materials, instruction, and mentorship. Through your targeted support, you play a crucial role in nurturing talent and passion across ages, from 12 months to 23 years.

You receive Progress Reports

Transparency and Trust: We believe in keeping you informed and connected to the impact of your generosity. Regardless of the program your donation supports, you'll receive regular updates on the progress and successes of our students. These reports share inspiring stories, milestones achieved, and the tangible outcomes of your monthly contributions.

See the Difference: Witness the power of your donation through vivid stories and achievements from both Little Stompers and the Sanaa Music Workshop. Your support not only changes lives but also builds a community of music lovers and creators, ready to inspire the world.

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