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The Working Artist Project: HTML Embed
The Working Artist Project: HTML Embed

How Second Line Arts Collective sponsorship works

Sponsoring a music education program is a meaningful endeavor, and we aim to make the process as seamless as possible. Here are the steps you can anticipate:




Pairing you with a program.

You make a donation

You receive Progress Reports

We welcome donations of all sizes, with funding requirements varying across our programs, some starting at $5,000 while others may necessitate $20,000 or more based on their scope and resources.

A dedicated team member will efficiently allocate your donation to an apt music education program, which could support our early childhood initiative, Little Stompers, our Sanaa Music Workshop for young adults, or The Working Artist Project podcast.

Our music programs vary in duration, from concise workshops to year-long projects, and regardless of the timeline, we assure you regular updates sharing milestones, successes, and the significant impact of your donation.

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