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Keep The Cats Working

A Career Catalyst

Our 'Keep the Cats Working' initiative is dedicated to creating a secure learning environment where program participants can explore the intricacies of the music industry. The focus is on enabling participants to confidently navigate various aspects such as booking performances, orchestrating a live show, and understanding the ins and outs of contracts and fee negotiation.

In our endeavor to make this educational series a success, we have forged a strategic partnership with Hotel St. Vincent. This collaboration empowers our students to undergo a hands-on experience, immersing themselves fully in the booking process from beginning to end.

Our primary objective is to foster a sense of experience and self-confidence within our students. We believe this initiative will empower them to venture into the professional world, able to negotiate a fair rate with confidence and assertiveness. Additionally, this experience aims to elevate their professional demeanor, thereby improving their marketability within the industry.

'Keep the Cats Working' is more than a program; it is our commitment to cultivating the next generation of talent in the music industry.

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