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Our Story

Second Line Arts Collective, a beacon of creativity and innovation, was founded upon the core principles of financial literacy, creative marketing, and art monetization.

Two visionary leaders, Gregory Agid (Artistic Director) and Darrian Douglas (Executive Director), inspired by their mentors Alvin Fielder and Alvin Batiste, set out to redefine arts education by combining traditional methods with a comprehensive approach.

Chapter 1: The Sanaa Music Workshop

The Sanaa Music Workshop, Second Line Arts Collective's flagship program, empowers students with the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the complexities of the contemporary creative landscape. Conventional music education programs tend to overlook the critical aspects of the music business, focusing only on musicianship and technique. In contrast, the Sanaa Music Workshop emphasizes career longevity and prepares budding artists with the industry know-how and business acumen required to thrive in the arts. We instruct our students on essential topics such as personal finance, creative marketing, tax law, contract negotiation, return on investment, and more. Graduates of the Sanaa Music Workshop confidently pursue lives reflective of the American dream, transcending the "starving artist" stereotype.

Chapter 2: Little Stompers

Nurturing a love for music in the hearts of our youngest members, the Little Stompers program forms the core of our mission. Catering to PreK through 5th grade, our program fosters a deep appreciation for music and its cultural roots, imparting invaluable skills that accompany Little Stompers throughout their lives.

Chapter 3: The Story of You

Without you, our journey would be incomplete. Your precious gift of time has been invaluable to our growth, and we express our deepest gratitude. As we continue our adventure, we hope you'll join our email list to stay connected. Until our paths cross again.

Talk soon,

Darrian and the Second Line Arts Collective Team

Team Anchor

Meet Our Team

In the ever-evolving world of nonprofit organizations, one key factor stands out in determining an organization's success: the strength of its team. At Second Line, we recognize the vital importance of assembling a top-level team that can drive our mission forward and make a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

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Executive Director (Co-Founder)


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