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Empower Your Musical Journey with the Sanaa Music Workshop In School

Due to popular demand, The Sanaa Music Workshop is now available for year round programming. The Sanaa Music Workshop is designed to cultivate the next generation of musicians by offering a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond traditional music education. Our program not only emphasizes artistic skill development but also imparts crucial life skills like personal finance, creative marketing, tax law, and other topics necessary for entrepreneurial artists. Sanaa In School can be a compliment to your existing music program or a stand alone music business workshop for students interested in pursuing careers in the music industry. Curriculums will be designed specifically for your insitution.

Who Is This For?

  • Organizations, Schools, and Churches

  • School bands 

Our Offerings:

  • Private Lessons

  • Small Ensembles, Big Band

  • Music Theory, Sight Reading, and Ear Training

  • Music Composition and Arranging

  • Organization and Band Leading

  • Basic Finance for Musicians 

  • Publishing and Digital Distribution

  • Social Media

  • Music Business Masterclass Series

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