Sanaa Music Workshop: Scholarships and Financial Aid

Sanaa Music Workshop's financial aid program is intended to help provide outstanding young artists with some assistance to further their artistic development. No family should be discouraged from applying to Sanaa Music Workshop because of lack of funds. We welcome a broad cross-section of families who believe in their children and in their ability to succeed.


Need-Based Aid

The Financial Aid Committee determines eligibility for need-based aid through a review of a family's income documentation. Aid amounts vary depending upon the family's income level. Available funding is limited and need-based financial aid will cover only a portion of the tuition cost.


Applicants are encouraged to research grants and loan programs offered by their local governments, foundations, banks, and employers, as well as artistic and educational organizations to help supplement the assistance offered by Sanaa Music Workshop.



How to Apply for Need-Based Aid

  1. In the financial aid section of the camp application for admission, indicate your interest in applying for financial aid.

  2. Attach a copy of your 2017 or 2018 federal income tax form 1040 (International applicants must submit an official Verification of Salary for each parent. This document must be in English.)


Admission decisions are need-blind, however, failure to attach income documentation at the time of application may result in significant delays and could affect eligibility for financial aid. It is recommended that applicants who are seeking financial aid have a PDF copy of their tax documents ready before beginning the application for admission.



New Orleans Scholarship

All applicants for Sanaa Music Workshop will be considered for the New Orleans Scholarship. No financial information is required for approval. 

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