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Our Story

Chapter One: The Beginning 

Second Line Arts Collective thrives on three basic tenants. Mastery of financial literacy, creative marketing, and the monetization of art. Gregory Agid (Artistic Director) and Darrian Douglas (Executive Director) learned the importance of these three pillars from their mentors Alvin Fielder and Alvin Batiste. After encountering the difficulties of achieving and maintaining a successful career in the arts, Gregory and Darrian decided to start a program that would tackle the biggest challenges that every creative faces. Traditionally, arts education programs focus solely on developing an artists’ craft and technique. Darrian and Gregory realized that today’s musicians must become entrepreneurial artists, well versed in social media, marketing, branding, and performance. 

Second Line Arts Collective's flagship program the Sanaa Music Workshop gives students the knowledge and experience to solve the challenges of the modern creative. Traditional music education programs ignore the essentials of the music business, only focusing on musicianship and technique. At the Sanaa Music Workshop, our focus is on career sustainability and equipping young artists with the industry knowledge and business skills they need to enjoy prosperous careers in the arts.  We teach our students the importance of personal finance, creative marketing, tax law, contract negotiation, ROI and more. Sanaa Music Workshop students leave our programs confident that they can create a life that mirrors the American dream, rising above the myth of the "starving artist." Our story doesn't end here! 


Chapter 2 Little Stompers: 

When the world stopped we kept working on ways to make music education accessible to our community. Here at Second Line Arts Collective, we understand that love and appreciation for music begins early. Our Little Stompers program brings the joy of listening, singing, and dancing to the youngest among us. This program is curated for PreK -5th graders with the intent of teaching them the basics of music. Naming instrument families, the importance of cultural and historical locations like Congo square, and the joy of listening, performing, learning, and dancing to music are all top priorities during our Little Stompers class time. The benefits of learning to enjoy and perform music at an early age are paramount. Learning music improves concentration, leads to improved reading ability, which also leads to better self-confidence throughout our Little Stompers lives. 

Chapter 3: The Working Artist Project

Storytelling is the foundation of the human experience. Here at Second Line Arts Collective, we've leaned into this ancient art form with our podcast "The Working Artist Project." With 124 episodes and counting, we are proud to say that we have told the stories of musicians, dancers, painters, managers, and many more since 2016. We ask our listeners to join our community and lean into the everyday experience of working artists as we explore what fuels their creativity.

Chapter 4: The Story of You


Without you, we would not be where we are today. We thank you for sharing the most precious gift that we all possess, TIME. Before you go we hope that you subscribe to our email so that we can stay in touch. 


See you soon. 


- Darrian and the rest of the Second Line Arts Collective Team.

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